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What Is Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a membership model of primary care that puts you in charge by limiting the number of members. Limited membership increases accessibility to and time with your care provider as compared to the fee-for-service model used by large healthcare systems

Nightingale Health delivers personal, affordable, and accessible primary care at lower and transparent cost than conventional primary care from fee-for-service larger systems dependent on insurance payments. 

Allison Baynard, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner

Board Certified

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Benefits of Membership

By limiting the number of members, we ensure that:

  • You have the access and time you need with your provider.

  • This increased access makes it easier to get same day or next day appointments with your provider and to connect with your provider for urgent needs.

  • Extended appointments are available for you to discuss your goals with your provider.

  • Evening and weekend hours are available so that members can get the care they need without disrupting their lives.

By cutting out insurance, we offer high quality services included in the membership fee and additional services a la carte with clear pricing at affordable rates. Transparent and accountable pricing allows the members to decide if the service is worth the cost. Ignoring insurance and cultivating an informed membership ultimately reduces the cost of healthcare. Even the large healthcare systems understand the cost savings of this primary care model. Johns Hopkins offers it as a benefit to their employees

In large healthcare systems, primary care is impersonal, short on time, limited availability, and only offers services during school and normal work hours. Often, it can feel like large system providers are more interested in their schedule and your insurance payment than in you and your goals. 

Personal service on your schedule to reach your health goals. This is our mission at Nightingale Health.

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