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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?​​

No. At Nightingale Health, we don’t deal with insurance at all. The monthly membership fee covers all our primary care services. There are never any copays, deductibles, or confusing bills.  If a patient wants to use their insurance for labs or medicines, they can! The lab or pharmacy can bill their insurance directly.​​

Can you see patients with insurance?

Yes! It’s a great idea to have a high deductible, lower cost insurance policy to cover unexpected large medical expenses like ER visits or hospital admissions. However, if you don’t have insurance, that’s fine too.  We are happy to work with you either way.

What about imaging and diagnostic tests like x-rays and MRIs?

We partner with local imaging centers to get our patients the most affordable cash prices possible for imaging and diagnostic services. They can usually get imaging done same or next day. However, if you have insurance and want to use it for imaging, that’s fine! We order the test, and the imaging center bills your insurance for it.

Can I just pay for a single visit rather than enrolling in a membership?

At Nightingale Health, we believe there should be a relationship between a provider and patient. We get to know our patients and their needs so that we can fully serve them and help them achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe that once you experience the convenience and quality of care we can provide you may consider enrolling and therefore we may accommodate a one time visit if our schedule allows.  We are always ready for our patients, and we provide a level of service and access that simply won’t be found in the insurance-based healthcare world.

Can I really call my provider any time?

Yes! All Nightingale Health patients receive Allison’s direct phone number and may call, text, email, or request a telemed visit any time. We ask that any non-urgent needs wait until normal business hours. Allison is available after hours and on weekends for urgent needs or questions. This can prevent hundreds or thousands of dollars wasted on urgent care or ER visits. Our patients directly communicate with THEIR provider who they know and trust.

Is this concierge medicine?

No. Concierge doctors typically charge a high yearly fee (usually $1500-$2000), plus bill insurance and charge copays for visits. In exchange for the big fees, patients get enhanced access to their doctor and more personalized care. In contrast, Direct Primary Care offers the same enhanced access and care, all for an affordable monthly fee with no copays for visits. Direct Primary Care patients get elite, concierge-level service at an affordable price.

Can employers offer membership to employees as a benefit?

Absolutely! Insurance premiums are at an all time high. Jump over to our Employer Page to learn more about how Nightingale Health works with employers to offer affordable, comprehensive care for employees.

Cost of Membership(s)

18 - 21 years

22 - 45 years

46 - 64 years

65+ years

12 - 21 with member






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